June 2001

Long Term Care Staff Recognition Days
and Other Occasions to Recognize and Celebrate

Entrepreneurs "Do It Yourself" Marketing Month
Happy Women Month
International People Skills Month
International Men's Month
June Dairy Month
June Is Turkey Lovers' Month
National Iced Tea Month
National Rose Month
National Safety Month
Rebuild Your Life Month
1 J Healthcare Executives Appreciation Day
1-7 J International Volunteers Week
1 National New Year's Resolution Recommitment Day
1 Stand for Children Day
2-10 National Fishing Day
3 National Cancer Survivors Day
3-9 National Headache Awareness Week
3-9 National Hug Holiday Week
6 D-Day: Anniversary
7-14 J Nursing Assistants Day and Week
10-16 National Flag Week
11-17 National Men's Health Week
11-17 National e-Mail Week
14 Family History Day
14 Flag Day
17 Father's Day
17-23 National Forgiveness Week
18-22 Take Your Pet to Work Week
19 Still Need to Do Day
20 World Juggling Day
21 Baby Boomers Recognition Day
21 1st Day of Summer
23 Let It Go Day
24 America's Kids Day
27 Special Recreation for Disabled Day
27-7/4 J Special Recreation Week
30 Descendants Day
30 Leap Second Adjustment Time

J Special Staff/Customer/Volunteer Recognition

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