One to one…that’s the difference Dr. Chambers wants to make. He once said, “There are many persons who are elderly and disabled who are on the periphery of human activity. They are more than lonely. In many ways they feel deserted.”Dr. Chambers continued, “I always encourage healthy seniors to commit themselves to invest time in these people. An extended period of time makes a real difference in their lives, and can be truly rewarding for the volunteer.”So as his peers boast of travels abroad, high profile events and networking with the movers and shakers, Dr. Chambers said he is exactly where he wants to be. “If you really want to be a mover and shaker be a person first, not just an entity,” says Dr. Chambers. “There are people who need you. Just be open, and they’ll find you.”Dr. Chambers is the type of individual who epitomizes what quality long term care is all about. He is distinguishing himself by helping people – one person at a time. That is the type of individualized care WAHSA takes great pride in within the long term care profession.

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