WAHSA selected Dr. Richard Chambers to receive this award in recognition of the gift of time he shares to make a worldly difference in human kind, one person at a time. The primary beneficiaries of the time he shares are the residents of Lutheran Homes of Oconomowoc. “I used to belong to a lot of boards,” this retired Hartland physician said. “But now my time can be better spent with the people who most need me.” Volunteer with RSVP, guardian for a 90 year old gentleman suffering dementia, volunteer assistant to a woman suffering from traumatic brain injury, and visitor to a double amputee, Dr. Chambers said he easily gave up the meetings to “advocate the rights of all seniors and disabled individuals.”A physician for 44 years and founder of the Hartland Clinic, Dr. Chambers served as medical director at Shorehaven Health Center in Oconomowoc and as chief of staff for the Oconomowoc Memorial Hospital. He founded the Lutheran Homes of Oconomowoc Health Services Clinic and now serves as chairman of the development committee for the Oconomowoc Memorial Hospital Foundation. Chambers also serves on the Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups, as an RSVP elder peer support person, and soon will take his seat on the Lutheran Homes of Oconomowoc Board of Directors.But the real caring for his community comes in personal investment.

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