For example, Daryl found a seat belt manufacturer who made the kind of seven-point safety restraint he needed but success became disappointment when he learned it would take five minutes to properly secure each wheelchair. Darylís solution was to find the company that makes the seatbelt retracting device for floors of minivans and get them together with the people who make seats for buses to create a more workable solution.†In a very real sense, Daryl helped design and engineer this specially built bus. He guided the manufacturers through his exacting specifications. He worked with engineers at Cummins Diesel, Carrier Air Conditioning, Braun Manufacturing, A-Straint, and more to integrate exactly the right equipment into the bus design. †For Daryl, it wasnít enough to be the contractor. Visiting churches and individual donors he took the leadership role in raising the funds to pay for this motor coach Ė more than $150,000!†The bus was delivered to The Lutheran Home earlier this spring. Daryl demonstrates the unquenchable thirst for quality that is so prevalent among the not-for-profit long term care professionals in Wisconsin. With his success in securing this one-of-a-kind, state-of-the-art motor coach, Daryl has reminded us that nothing is impossible when quality is our goal.

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