Daryl Fonstad began volunteering at The Lutheran Home in January of 1990. He believed the residents of The Lutheran Home needed a new bus. In fact, in his dogged determination, he wanted more than a new bus; he wanted a one-of-a-kind, state-of-the-art motor coach, especially designed to meet the needs of frail older adults. He would settle for nothing less than air-suspension, full-perimeter heating and cooling, sceni-cruiser windows, and a lift that would allow residents to feel more safe and secure. The seats must offer full cushion comfort for the ambulatory residents yet be removable to allow places for 10 wheelchairs. A seven-point safety restraint system would have to be designed to avoid long delays when boarding and exiting.Daryl organized a team of researchers to check with bus companies, travel agents, truck and bus manufacturers, and nursing homes to find out who could make a bus to meet his high standards of comfort, convenience and utility. Time after time, his team was told there was no such bus.Determined to find answers where there were none, Daryl traveled throughout Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana to find his own suppliers people who could make the parts he needed or would adapt others to fit.

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