Schmitt Woodland Hills
Retirement Community

"Schmitt Woodland Hills?
It's simply my home.
There's no other way to put it!"

Set among the green, wooded hills of southwestern Wisconsin, you'll find a tranquil retreat where retired people from all walks of life live comfortably and independently, Schmitt Woodland Hills Retirement Community.

You will welcome the unhurried and pleasent pace of life at Schmitt Woodland Hills. In an atmosphere of friendship, activity and energy, enhanced by the natural beauty of the surrounding area, you will find an exciting new adventure awaiting you at Schmitt Woodland Hills.

You can make new friends and become involved in new experiences if you like. The opportunities are here for you to explore, and our professional and caring staff excels in meeting your physical, social, emotional, or spiritual needs.

Schmitt Woodland Hills, a private retirement community affiliated with the Wisconsin Conference of the United Methodist Church, welcomes people from all religious beliefs and heritages. The diversity of backgrounds among our residents, staff and board members reflects that philosophy.

We welcome you to discover more about us and about the life you could enjoy here, in the beautiful hills and valleys of southwestern Wisconsin.

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Schmitt Woodland Hills Retirement Community
1400 West Seminary Street
Richland Center, WI 53581