Services Provided ::

The Villa Loretto Nursing Home is a 52 bed facility; licensed to provide needed services to private pay, mediacre or Medicaid residents.

Residents of any creed, (no creed), color or national/ethnic orgin are welcomed.

There are 10 private rooms and 21 semi-private rooms. Church services are held daily at 11:30 a.m. Rosary is daily at 4:00 p.m. The Chapel is a focal point for many special masses and services, and is appreciated by many of our residents. Ministers of any faith are encouraged to visit and hold services for their people residing at the Villa. Facilities for services will be made available.

In addition to the Sisters and lay staff the Villa family includes Llamas, miniature donkeys and horses, several varietes of sheep and goats, pot-bellied pigs, peacocks, emu's, hedgehogs, and of course cats and dogs. Birds of many varieties live inside and outside the facility.

Animal babies are named at birth and their arrival celebrated. Residents love watching and interacting with many of them.

Our full-time Activities Director provides a variety of games, exercises, tours, and entertainers, and so forth to all of those interested.

We celebrate the holidays with parties and decorations to add to the festivities. Our dietary department is excellent with home cooking and bakery just like "Mom used to make." Our "NUN-BETTER" bakery goods are available for purchase to the public throughout the year.

"Fun Day on the Farm" is an annual event in August. The festivities start with an outdoor mass, a variety of musical entertainment, games, crafts, wagon rides, and of course wonderful Wisconsin food and bakery. Our home made donuts are a special favorite.

Our green house is used to grow many of the plants used in our outdoor gardens. Colorful annuals and perennials "dress up" the outside of our facility and our 120 acres of rolling countryside in Wisconsin's "Holy land".

Dedicated volunteers assist the Sisters in making beautiful quilts and crafts sold in our gift shops and at craft fairs, as well as in caring for our lawns and garden's.