2010-2011 Virtual Tradeshow
WAHSA's 2010 Fall Conference brought together more than 760 individuals for a few days of networking, socializing, education, camaraderie, learning, and fun! From the largest tradeshow in WAHSA's history to record levels of sponsorships and from excellent presenters on timely topics to a great turnout of enthusiastic attendees, the conference proved to be another successful venture in WAHSA’s long history of quality educational offerings. The tradeshow was a busy marketplace of companies demonstrating the newest products and services available to long term care, assisted living, and senior housing professionals. But the value of this educational offering did not end with the conclusion of the conference.

Welcome to WAHSA's 2010-2011 Virtual Tradeshow. Here you can meet the 109 companies who participated in WAHSA's 30th Annual Exhibitors Forum in Green Bay. These companies did not end their tradeshow participation with the conclusion of the conference, but rather continue to support WAHSA and to educate you about their products and services through this website. Through this Virtual Tradeshow, you can acquaint yourself with the products and services these companies offer. This is your opportunity to support those organizations who support the high quality educational offerings WAHSA brings to you. When you are in the market for products and services to enhance the level of care you provide, chances are you might not have to look any further than this web site.

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This section of WAHSA's web site is a resource center featuring 104 companies who participated in WAHSA's 2009 Exhibitors Forum. A listing on this site is in no way an endorsement by WAHSA for any given company, product or service; rather, this site is a forum through which various companies can share information with you about the products and services they believe would be of interest to you. If you have any questions or comments about any company, product or service listed here, or if you would like to receive more inforation about any listed company, product or service, please contact the company directly.

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