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Do you have a huge pile of papers on the kitchen counter or dining room table related to your housing and care options? When you look at it, do you get an uncomfortable feeling that you might be burying or mislaying something important? Many of us do -- and it can make our life twice as hard as it needs to be. Try some of these ideas for organizing your service options.

Use a box that you can carry around (if necessary) and make files for a wide variety of the areas of your life related to housing and service needs. Keep it near a phone so you can refer to it as you make calls.

Take notes at the doctor's office and at other appointments and when you're on the phone. Store your notes in the appropriate files to jog your memory later.

Keep a notebook or file of a wide variety of general information. This makes it easy to carry this information to appointments with you and to pass it along to other helpers as needed.

Your Caregiving Notebook

This invaluable tool for the caregiver should contain:

Medicare #

Other Insurance #s

Medical Information:


Emergency information:
Eye Glass prescription (or name of eye doctor)

Hearing Aid Information (battery type and number)

Pacemaker Data, including Frequency of Check

Denture Data
(including name of dentist and date of last appointment)

Hair Care

Foot Care

Bank and Financial Information:
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