Long Term Care Redesign:
Closing Comments

WAHSA advocates for a redesigned system which fully addresses the needs of an increasing elderly and disabled population, and places a greater emphasis on coordinating care and services throughout the spectrum of care. The future delivery system should integrate acute and primary care, long term care, and supportive services in order to provide, finance, and manage the health and long term care needs of clients.18 WAHSA believes that although there presently are considerable potential state and federal legal and regulatory roadblocks to achieving a fully integrated LTC system, the Department's redesign efforts should proceed and not wait until the roadblocks to full integration can be cleared. At this time, the Department should concentrate on developing the LTC Voucher Program and initiating the program changes contained in the Current Modifications Program. The LTC Managed Care Organization Program could be implemented in response to the Voucher Program, but it would not need to be the dominant vehicle to manage or deliver LTC in the future.

Wisconsin's COP is being replicated by several states, our LTC facilities are among the best in the country, and the State has avoided LTC funding crises which have fiscally paralyzed other states' LTC programs.19 Finally, in redesigning the current LTC system, the Department would do well to remember Wisconsin already is light years ahead of many states in the delivery of quality care and services to elderly and disabled persons.

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