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Wisconsin State agencies will allow you to search through Wisconsin's state agencies, the legislature, and almost anything specific to the Badger state.
This is the Wisconsin affordable assisted living website.
Society for the Advancement of Gerontological Environments (SAGE) -- SAGE is a national voluntary, multi-disciplinary organization whose purpose is to improve built environments for older adults. Members include health care providers, architects, state and federal regulators, interior designers, landscape architects, educators, researchers, clinicians, manufacturers, and older individuals. The purpose of SAGE is to encourage and facilitate: education about the impact of environments on older adults and how to design better buildings; collaboration among all disciplines involved in facility development, operations, and regulation; research to improve environments through testing ideas and evaluating results; and regulatory change to encourage more effective environments for clients and staff. The Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority serves Wisconsin residents and communities by working with others to provide creative financing resources and information to stimulate and preserve affordable housing, small business, and agribusiness. This is the web site of the Wisconsin Alzheimer's Institute.This GAO site allows you to search for and download documents from the Federal Register and Congressional Record, GAO reports, and more.This is the web page established by the Institute on Aging. It includes information about the institute and their research in gerontology, geriatrics and life span development.The web site of the Department of Health and Human Services. Particularly useful features include Policy Information, What's New, and News and Public Affairs. It also has links to many other HHS agencies and publications, including AHCPR guidelines and the national Institute on Aging.This government site is a one stop gateway to virtually all public accessible government information.The Occupational Safety and Health Administration web site.The Social Security Administration's home page is full of useful links, including rulebooks for employers, summaries of recent legislation, research and statistical data, and links to other government servers, including CMS's home page.This is the National Council of State Legislators link to the state legislative information.The American College of Health Care Administrators web page.The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation web site.Nursing World, maintained by the American Nurses Association, offers legislative news, chat groups to discuss emerging issues with colleagues, a catalogue of products, services and publications, and more.

Wisconsin Association of Homes and Services for the Aging
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Telephone: (608)255-7060 FAX:(608)255-7064