Issue Paper

February 27, 2002

To: Interested Legislators

From: John Sauer, Executive Director and Tom Ramsey, Director of Government Relations

Subject: Opposition to 2001 Senate Bill 211 and Assembly Bill 457, The Health Care Worker Mandatory Overtime Prohibition Bills

As the statewide trade association representing not-for-profit and county nursing facilities, community-based residential facilities (CBRF) and residential care apartment complexes (RCAC), we wish to express our opposition to SB 211/AB 457 and respectfully request that you join our not-for-profit long-term care providers in opposing these bills.

WAHSA members oppose SB 211/AB 457 for the following reasons:

Please vote for the defeat of SB 211/AB 457.

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Telephone: (608)255-7060 FAX:(608)255-7064