Homme Inc. of Wisconsin

Mission Statement

Homme, Inc. of Wisconsin is a not-for-profit association based on caring Christian love, dedicated to:

The Rev. E.J. Homme began the legacy of service to others when he founded Homme's Orphan and Old Folks Home under the sponsorship of the Lutheran Church of America. Since that time, providing health care services in a dignified and respectful fashion has become the cornerstone of services to the surrounding communities. The legacy has grown to include services ranging from independent housing for seniors to skilled nursing care.

Offering health care and residential services in Northwest Wisconsin on campus locations in Wittenberg and Wausau, Wisconsin since 1881.
Homme Home of Wittenberg
Forest Park Village
Homme Home Foundation

Homme Inc. of Wisconsin
604 South Webb Street
PO Box 247
Wittenberg, WI 54499
(715) 253-2125 or (715) 449-2271