Employment Opportunities
Finding the right job can be a job in itself. Since most of us spend approximately one-third of our lives working, choosing the right employer can be a major decision. It impacts our lives, both on the job and at home. Whether you are looking for your first entry level position, or seeking to further your professional career development, Grace Lutheran Foundation has much to offer as an employer.

Because the quality of care at Grace Lutheran Foundation is only as good as the employees we hire, we have high standards for ourselves and our staff.

Grace Lutheran Foundation offers its employees a competitive wage and benefit package, good working environment, employee participation and continuing education benefits.

We believe in having fun and recognizing staff members for a job well done through various events such as staff appreciation picnics, recognition award programs, finder's fees and sometimes just a pat on the back! But the best recognition of all, we feel, is the quiet thanks we receive from residents, clients, their families and friends...in a look, a handshake, a hug.

To find out how we can enhance your career and life, please print out a job application form (PDF) fill it out, and mail it to our Human Resources Department.

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