What is Adult Day Services?

Adult Day Services is a program of Grace Lutheran Foundation that assists elderly, disabled, or memory impaired adults. Our program provides a friendly and secure environment while offering a variety of supportive services to our clients and families.

Serving the Chippewa Valley since 1984, we are the most experienced and most affordable Adult Day Center in the area. The premier choice for families making difficult care-giving decisions!

We Offer:

Activities and Outings
Medication and Health Monitoring
Bathing Assistance
Incontinence Assistance
Breakfast, Lunch, and Afternoon Snack
Individual Care Plans
Client and Caregiver Information and Referral
And so much more!

What do we do?


Who needs Adult Day Services?

Adult Day Services may be the right choice if a person...

Is alone most of the time
Has low interest in past relationships or activities
Seems sad, lonely, or confused
Could benefit from increased activity
Sleeps much of the time
Is idle or usually just watches TV
Wishes to remain at home as long as possible

What do you, the caregiver, need?

Peace of mind knowing your family member is safe?
More free time?
Coverage during work hours?
Time and energy to take care of your families' needs?
Support and assistance in planning for care?

Adapted from "A Good Day Begins...Adult Day Services in Wisconsin". A publication of the Wisconsin Adult Day Services Association.

For more information, contact our Director of Adult Day Services at (715) 832-8811,
or us.

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