Adult Day Services
A supportive day program for homebound or disabled adults.

Adult Day Services provides a nuturing and secure environment for homebound or disabled adults. With out experienced and professionally trained staff, we enabled our clients to maintain and enhance the social and health care aspects of their daily life.

Together, the client, family/caregiver and staff develope a personalized service plan to ensure that personal preferences and abilities are the focus, and special needs are met.

Families and caregivers feel secure knowing that their loved one is engaged in meaningful activity in a safe, structured environment. This emables them to pursue other daily activities or simply to rest.

We promote opportunities for self-expression and independence through activities such as art, crafts, games, music, field trips and special events. A relaxing environment encourages the client to retain self-worth and dignity while helping to maintain independence.

We have a licensed practical nurse providing health monitoring and assistance in medication needs. Our nurse also offers valuable health education to the client and family/caregiver.

For more information, contact our Director of Adult Day Services at (715) 832-8811

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