Simple Savvy®

The Game

It's All in the Name of the Game!

Simple Savvy. It's a game. It's a teaching tool. It's a way of life.

Simple Savvy is an assortment of situations from long term care that will challenge the way your employees think, the way your employees act, and the way your employees work.

Simple Savvy will help your employees see how their actions affect lives -- theirs and others'.

Simple Savvy is a valuable tool not only for long term care inservice directors but, indeed, for all long term care employees. Incorporate this game into your staff training and you will enhance your employees’ savvy in the areas of:

Simple Savvy is a game tailor-made for the long term care profession. These 311 game cards will add life, fun, laughter and variety to your inservice training. You are likely to see positive results on your level of employee retention, on your level of quality care, and on your participation in staff inservice training. On average, you probably will want to focus on about 20 game cards for a one-hour inservice. That means this compact box of cards will provide you a minimum of 15 hours of inservice.

15 hours of inservice in one box for one low price!

If you would like information on how to order Simple Savvy: The Game, please click here. This link will open a PDF file which includes pricing information and an order form.

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