Long Term Care & Senior Housing
Emergency Preparedness

  • The Wisconsin Division of Public Health, Hospital Emergency Preparedness Program has partnered with the Division of Quality Assurance to establish the “Emergency Preparedness” web site at: http://dhs.wisconsin.gov/rl_DSL/EmergencyPreparedness/EmPrepIndex.htm.  Information on this web site may be used and adapted by health care providers such as nursing homes, assisted living facilities and Facilities for the Developmentally Disabled (FDD) to prepare for possible emergency situations.  All materials on the Emergency Preparedness web site are the work of the State Expert Panel on Long Term Care Facilities and other emergency response partners to assist residential care facilities. Please check this web site periodically since more materials will be added over the next few months and existing materials may be up-dated.

    The State Expert Panel on Long-Term Care Facilities in collaboration with the DPH and Lakeshore Technical College is providing your organization with unlimited access to a Certificate Course in “Emergency Response for Healthcare – Basic Level” (see Attachment A – Basic Level: Direct Care Providers) for a list of the Modules and Lessons. This Certificate Course provides your staff with an opportunity to learn about basic emergency preparedness through an on-line course that they can complete on their own time-frame. To learn more about this certificate program and enrollment fees, please click here.