WAHSA Centenarians

Like all Americans, WAHSA members find ourselves asking many questions but finding too few answers. This is a challenging time for a group of people who care deeply for other people.

As a tribute to the American spirit - a spirit that binds us together, a spirit that strengthens us during difficult times, a spirit that has endured many hardships throughout the past 225 years - WAHSA celebrates and honors the living history that lives within and throughout Wisconsinís not-for-profit long term care facilities. This living history is comprised of individuals who have celebrated at least 100 birthdays. These centenarians are part of the American heritage. They live a life that now spans three centuries. They have seen where we as a nation have been, and they can envision where we as a nation might be heading.

These centenarians are individuals who have helped to shape our nation -- they founded our business, educated our students, worked in our government offices, cared for our sick, nurtured us as children and fought for our freedom. Now, at 100+ years, they still live as pillars of American pride.

In honoring these individuals who each has helped in his or her own way to get us where we are today, may we find solace in their wisdom, comfort in their love, strength in their experience, and courage in their example.

To these individuals, thank you for all you have given and all you have done to shape this great nation we call America!

John Baumann
Pauline Janicek

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