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The Care Is in Your Hands

Life. It has become an intrinsic balancing act, a frantic race against time. There are the schedules to juggle, yards to mow, houses to clean, clothes to wash, shopping to do, meals to prepare, bills to pay, homework to check, and papers to sign. Cell phones are ringing, beepers are beeping, and pagers are paging.

Thatís all in your ďspareĒ time. Your days at work are even more hectic.

Technology might be a modern world marvel, but it certainly has accelerated the speed of life.

Modern day health care has become a maze of wires, tubes, buttons, monitors, and machines.

As a nurse, do you find yourself caring for machines more often than you are caring for people? Have you had just about e-nough?

Do you long to recapture the passion that drew you into the profession of nursing?

We invite you to the world of long term care -- a world where hands are meant for healing, minds are meant for sharing, and hearts are meant for caring.

Long term care is not a corporate machine; rather, itís is a field where nurses practice their autonomy. Their opinions are respected. In long term care, nurses are empowered to practice their profession -- the profession of caring.

This is not a scene from a medical model of virtual reality. This is the reality of long term care.

This is the world of health care where you care for people.

This is the world of health care where you are empowered to make a difference in life, one individual at a time.

Are you overstressed with life and death situations, the frantic pace of split-second decisions and the complexity of technological medicine?

If so, then perhaps long term care is for you.

Long term care is a profession where wages are competitive, schedules are flexible, family obligations are respected, and low census days never happen.

In long term care, professionals value open communication, and teamwork is crucial for an effective decision-making process.

Long term care is an environment where your ability to read people plays a crucial role in enhancing the life of your patients.

Long term care is a place where your knowledge of health care and your medical skills are intertwined with your ability to nurture a person as a whole.

Long term care is a place that will remind you why you chose the nursing profession.

Long term care is where we encourage nurses to care for people and to care about people.

Quite simply, long term care is a world where nursing really matters.

In long term care, you will really matter.

Long term care is evolving. Come help us create the long term care environment of your future. Your voice, your skills, and your opinion will make the difference.

Long term care. Real people. Real care.

In this face-paced world, it seems everything is here today and gone tomorrow. The largest hard drive and fastest modem today will be replaced with something larger and faster tomorrow. The e-this and e-that of today have replaced so many people from yesterday. Does life have to be this cold and impersonal?

Competition, greed, power, materialism ...Isnít there more to life?

Isnít there a profession that transcends the motives of Corporate America with its cut-throat quest for the mighty dollar?

Isnít there something I can do where people will appreciate me for who I am and for what I have to offer in life?

If these are the thoughts in the back of your mind, then you might want to look into a profession in long term care. If you have a deep yearning to matter to the world, dare to step into a world where care matters.

Challenge the speed warp of technology with your human touch.

In long term care:

Give us the opportunity and weíll allow you to care too! Share your nursing experience with the people in long term care.

Just think of all you have to gain.

Making Lives Better
...One Person At a Time

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