There couldn’t be a better way of celebrating the Year 2000 as the Year of the Long Term Care worker than to recognize Mary Ella Kirk as WAHSA’s winner of the Outstanding Service Award. Mary is a role model; she is the hallmark of this profession.  Mary has been a CNA at The Lutheran Home since July of 1976. She has devoted her life to caring for others.  Mary provides personal care to a group of residents within The Lutheran Home; however, residents, families and staff state that she goes above and beyond to make sure that her residents’ needs are met. Her residents state, “She makes me feel special. She is always there to anticipate what I need and to make sure that I feel safe and secure. When she is off, I miss her very much.” Families state, “She makes me feel comfortable that my mother is well taken care of. She is a blessing.”The unit nurse at The Lutheran Home said, “Mary is the most gentle and kind person I have ever worked with. She gives me a sense of confidence that the residents in her group are emotionally and physically content.”

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