As the activity director for the Good Shepherd Home was preparing the final sentences of Luella Ollmann’s nomination, Luella passed away. To the Good Shepherd Home, its employees and residents, Luella will be dearly missed. Although she has passed on, her memory has not.Luella Ollmann began volunteering at Good Shepherd Home before the facility opened in May, 1981. Luella completed 18 years of service following her 90th birthday when her health status declined significantly and she was admitted to Good Shepherd Home as a resident. Luella was engaged in a variety of regular volunteer activities. She helped with bingo EVERY Tuesday afternoon, almost without fail, for 18 years. She played the piano for devotions every Wednesday afternoon, even when her failing eyesight made it difficult for her to read the music. She played the organ regularly for resident memorial services and for Sunday chapel services.

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