In 1992, Scott Jones called the Barron Nursing Home and asked if he could be of any service to the activity program. He said he would be available one evening per week and he was willing to help in any way. He started his service by playing “500” with a small group of residents every Monday evening. When he started, he knew nothing about the nursing home setting, nor about the facility’s residents and staff, nor about the game he had just been asked to supervise.He quickly learned the rules of the game, the names of the residents, the locations of their rooms, and the names of the facility employees. Under his caring touch, the Monday evening “500” game has become a weekly activity of enjoyment and competition. Scott keeps a record of average scores and the residents with the top averages are given first chance to be on the facility’s team in tournament competition with other local facilities.Scott is a very dedicated, dependable volunteer, providing a consistent activity for the residents to look forward to each week.

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