Fifty years ago, Dorothy Hanson began volunteering at Pine View Care Center. She has initiated many programs and recruited many volunteers, but her special accomplishment has been her organization of the “Tuesday Helpers.” Every month for the past nineteen years, Dorothy and her Tuesday Helpers have coordinated and tended to every detail for a group birthday party for the residents. Dorothy and her husband even provide transportation to those Helpers who are unable to drive. Dorothy is always on the lookout for new recruits, and throughout the years there have been more than 30 dedicated Tuesday Helpers. Dorothy’s Tuesday Helpers do not limit their volunteering to just one day a week. As a matter of fact, residents are so familiar with Dorothy that they recognize her footsteps. Her singing and dancing bring tears of joy to residents and their families. Withdrawn residents come to life and sing and dance with her.Dorothy once stated, “My giving is not for my own personal gratification, but for what my giving has given to others.”

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