Nick Manlopig had a stroke in 1996. While rehabilitating at the hospital, he was very grateful to the volunteers who helped him get to therapy sessions and who cheered him during his hospital stay. After recovering, Nick knew he still had skills and abilities to offer, so he decided to volunteer at the Sauk County Health Care Center. He spends an entire day at the health care center every Monday, Thursday and Saturday. He keeps a copy of the daily activity calendar to help residents remember when and where to go to activities. Nick has learned to recognize the different moods that elderly individuals have and he knows how to make adjustments in his activities to accommodate these moods. Nick not only is at the Health Care Center on his self-appointed days, but he also shows up when asked to accompany a resident who needs to go to a medical appointment or on a field trip or to help drive a cancer patient to Madison for a chemotherapy treatment.

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