Josie has worked at Morrow Home in various roles for the last 27 years. She is always willing to help and to do whatever she can to improve the environment for others – residents, family members, co-workers or the facility. She doesn’t seek status; she seeks to be of service to others. As a receptionist on weekends or evenings as back up, she will help the nurses as a Ward Clerk whenever an emergency arises. She also has been a volunteer driver for medical transportation when no other drivers are available.Anita Genrich, administrator of the Morrow Memorial Home, said, “Josie has a heart of gold. She advanced in ‘real life experiential learning’ and sought roles of leadership whenever the opportunity arose. Yet her first commitment has always been to her family. Josie works hard and has had perfect attendance since she went back on the time clock. She’s like a chameleon – she can do whatever task she’s asked to do and she can do it with a high standard of excellence. She’s an extraordinary, every day hero for the Home, the residents and her co-workers.” 

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