Over the past 21 years, Barb Haddock has been serving the residents of Park View Health Center as a certified nursing assistant. She displays outstanding qualities as she meets the residents’ physical, mental and spiritual needs. Barb’s sincerity and caring compassion for the residents is shown through her many acts of kindness beyond those expected of a CNA. Using her own resources, she provides gifts for residents on special occasions.She also helps residents by doing laundry, arranging Cabulance rides for resident outings and, on her own personal time, meeting residents on their “outing” such as a Friday fish dinner or a shopping trip in the community. Barb’s co-workers say that Barb gives superior care, whether it is bedside cares, weekly baths, or feeding. She takes her time with each resident to ensure 100 percent care and personal attention to their special needs.Barb is a “can do” person who her co-workers feel deserves recognition for her outstanding work and positive attitude.

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