Bonnie Tyson is a Support Service Assistant at St. Paul Elder Services in Kaukauna. She is always willing to help out and to do the many extras that no one else has time for. Bonnie assures that the individual preferences of each resident are met. She takes a special interest in helping those residents who are most in need. While she encourages them to be as independent as possible, she is willing to help them as appropriate.She consistently demonstrates a true caring, compassionate attitude towards all of the residents she encounters. Bonnie sees her role not as just a job, but as a ministry to care for our elders. She is a role model of a compassionate caregiver. A family member of a resident wrote a letter specifically asking that a letter of recommendation be placed in Bonnie’s personnel file.A statement from this family member’s letter best summarizes Bonnie’s role. “Her personality brightens up the day for everyone with whom she comes in contact.”

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