Jesse Henning began volunteering at the Barron Nursing Home in the fall of 1998 as part of a school summer program called “Bridging Generations.” As the summer wound down, Jesse asked if he could continue volunteering and he signed up for the Volunteer Mentor Program. Jesse now comes to the facility each week to share his time with the residents and to help out with many different activities. He excels with the afternoon Men’s Group. Jesse comes up with ideas for the discussion and then shares these ideas with the men at Barron Nursing Home. One week he came in with his ice fishing equipment and explained how each piece of equipment worked. Jesse is not afraid to start groups on his own or to invite the residents to the group activities. He shares stories about his life and about current events of the area. The residents enjoy hearing about the community through the eyes of this youth. Jesse brings with him enthusiasm and energy. When Jesse is around, the residents say they feel like a little extra sunshine has been given to them for the day.

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