Travis Johnson became involved with long term care as part of his school-to-work experience in high school. He loved the experience so much, he continues to spend many free hours at the Morrow Home helping in Activities and in other areas where he can interact with the residents. He helps with bulletin boards, decorates the facility for special events, and is an active helper in large and small group programs.He helps clean work areas and storage areas and maintains the aviary. On the dementia unit, he walks with residents who need to walk, but who also need to be monitored and gently re-directed back to safe areas. Travis is always willing to do the “menial” tasks that other people prefer to avoid or ignore. In the fall of 1999, a position opened up for a casual call, PM, nurse helper to monitor and interact with the active, wandering, dementia residents of Morrow Home. Travis applied and was given that role. He averages about 12 hours per week as an employee since last summer.

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