Models for Practice
During the First 90 Days of Employment

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A few years back, WAHSA's Health Issues Committee developed the Task Force on Long Term Care Employment. The purpose of this task force was to examine current concerns, consider future trends, and recommend positive strategies to issues such as labor shortages, recruitment and retention, work ethic, attendance concerns, and general labor trends.

The first project of the task force was the booklet
Enhancing Employment in Long Term Care, which originally was published two years ago. The book was adopted and enhanced by WAHSA's sister association, the Indiana Association of Homes and Services for the Aging (IAHSA). Earlier this year WAHSA incorporated many of the additions incorporated by IAHSA, and republished this book of ideas to enhance job satisfaction and retention in long term care.

WAHSA's quest to enhance recruitment and retention in long term care has continued to spark new ideas and new products. Most recently, IAHSA surveyed long term care facilities for ideas for a new publication,
Models for Practice During the First Ninety Days of Employment . The Indiana association has graciously shared this publication with WAHSA as we continue to work together to nurture a more positive environment for people to live and work in this arena we call long term care.

Like IAHSA, WAHSA believes the first ninety days of employment is a critical time for retention. As such, we hope you find these low cost ideas easy to implement and helpful to utilize.

WAHSA wishes to acknowledge and commend the efforts of the long term care employees in Indiana, and the staff of IAHSA for sharing these ideas with us.

John Sauer, Executive Director

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